Sunday, March 9, 2008

Capuccino coffee

Leaf design on the coffee. It was capuccino coffee.capuccino cofeeAnd some funny new street lights that hey came up at the new lamp company.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Cows and bulls practical

The correct guess to try in the practical version of cows and bulls encrypted is 6598. the number of cows and bulls are displayed in the alert box. The logic is simple....the RSA public key cryptography is used with a preset key of 17 and 3233. The example is taken right out of wikipedia. The guesses that are entered are taken and there position is appended to it(i.e, 1,2,3 and 4). This value is then encrypted and compared with the values stored in arrays 'a' and 'b', a has the values that are bulls and b has all the cows. The values are given below:
The game in practicallity would have to have more number of such encrypted arrays. One of them would have to be choosen randomly. However, the randomess doesnt need to be hidden.If a higher degree of encryption is needed, the keys can be changed and the arrays and the function that is used to encrypt can be changed at the server side when the javascript is generated.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Cow and bulls-javascript posible?

This post assumes you know what a trap door function is, and also about Gautham B Pai... and his cow and bulls game and the challenges he seems to be facing with javascript....
The challenge is to make the game completely using javascript and only upload the results back to the server. This seems to be one of the ways to "Make the game run completely using javascript"....

First all the numbers 0 to nine are encrypted using a trap door function such as RSA. The numbers have to written in words(filled with blanks to make all the numeric words equal) to prevent easily breaking the code by trial and error. If further higher levels of security are needed the number combinations should be used.

Ok so basically we have an array of encoded numbers in word form.We also have the public key to encrypt the guesses from the user. Based on the output from random number function, a variable set is choosen from the array. The values entered by the user are encrypted using the public key and compared with value stored in the choosen variable set. If both are equal, the results are sent to server...

This method can be effective if the public key seed value is defined by the server at the time the javascript is generated.This ensures the effective and secure game plan...!!!!!!! Since the player cant know the actual value of the number even if he knows the encrypted form of the number this should work..