Friday, November 9, 2007

Year 10,000 problem

Year 10000 problem--no i am not joking..even wikipedia has got a page on this? The Y10k problem is supposed to cause problems in a way similar to the Y2k problem.

A more serious problem seems to be the Y3k problem..surprised..try setting the date in your windows XP installation to the year way of doing that..after 2099 you go back to 1980. It may be argued that Windows XP is not built to last that long, but the principle remains to be the same.

We continue to build applications for the short time as far as the date function is concerned. The problem seems to be more to do with how we represent Year than the development methodology. A possible solution would be to have all the date functions implemented as a separate module that can be replaced at will.

The use of an internet server to set the time is a interesting idea that is explored by Windows XP. The server seems to be a good idea as any problems involving date can be solved. However, the system needs to be connected to the internet for this to work. But many more ideas to solve the Year problem seem to be available...

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