Sunday, December 23, 2007

Sunrise at Kanyakumari

The very famous sunrise at kanyakimari . It was cloudy to begin with, but we were lucky as the clouds cleared up by the time the sun god decided to come.

Kanyakumari, sunriseAs the sun rose from the ocean, it was view worth capturing on film.

The golden brown sun was magnificent to look at.You have to see it to enjoy it.
golden sunriseIn the backgroud we can see the rock. The rock is the Vivekananda rock. On the rock we can see the Statue of thiruvalvar (The great tamil poet) A ferry ride will take you to the rock.

Actually the statue and the memorail are on two different pieces of the rock. The ferry will drop the passengers first on one rock and then after some time, the ferry can be boarded again to goto the next rock.

Kanyakumari, sunriseOn to the rock in the next post.


Ayurveda for healthy eyes said...

All your photos are too good and may be you could be a proffesional photographer.sunrise and sunset are worth all the efforts of visiting again and again.

Admirableindia said...

Nice pics and good reading...I will be visiting Kanyakumari next month.


Meriaza said...

I have been there.
Its a lovely experience watching the sun rise in all its full glory.
Great Pics Indeed

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