Sunday, February 24, 2008

Search for alternative planets to use after a few billion years

As can be seen from the wikipedia entry on the life cycle of sun, the earth will not be safe for humans to saty after a few billion years. So, we need to start searching for alternative planets to live on after a few billion years.

Although a few billion years is quiet a lot of time, the problem to be solved is also quiet complex. Finding an alternative planet is not going to be easy. Just moving from one city to another requires so much planning.... if we want to shift to a differnt planet... thats going to require much more planning. Some of the problems we are going to face are:
  • Means of transport for such a large number of organisms and stuff.
  • reconstruction of our planet on the new planet
  • taking snapshots of earth...and stuff for the purpose of keeping track of our history

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Anonymous said...

The thought is frightening but we need to do something to save our planet.What do you say ?