Friday, June 20, 2008

Creating database backup in SQL server 2005

The SQL server 205 databases can be backed up either on to the Disk or Tape. In this post we will look at backing a databse to the Disk.The steps to follow are as follows:

  1. Expand the database tab to display all the databases running in SQL server.

  2. Right click the database that has to be backed up and select the "Tasks" option.

  3. In the "Tasks" option the Backup databse option has to be selected.

The below screen comes up after selecting the option.

The database that has to be backed up is to be slected under source and the recovery model of the selected database is automatically filled in.
The backup types that can be selected for a particular recovery model are availbale in Backup type option.
The component that has to be selected(database in this case) has to be choosen.Note that file group backups can also be taken.
The Backup set details such as Name of the backup set, its description, the expiry date of the backup set and destination of backup set are to be selected. The contents button will show the various components of the database that are being backed up in the particular database.

when a backup already exsists the options tab can be used to specify wehter the earlier backup has to be overwritten or apended to.Reliability checks such as Verification of the baclup when finished and performing checksum before writing to the media can also be specified to ensure the reilability of the backup.

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