Monday, March 16, 2009

Novelty software distribution terms

Software has been distributed with different rules governing it use. The"Postcardware", requires the user to send an actual postcard to the author of the program to use the software. The postcardware is not enforced strictly and can be considered a type of freeware. Emailware is similar to postcardware but instead of an actual physical postcard, an email is sufficient.

Beerware a term coined by John Bristor in 1987 asks the users of the software to buy the author a beer if they meet some day. The license is a very simplified version of the GPL. Probably Bill Gates dint release Windows under beerware for the fear of being killed by over dose of beer or fear of people avoid meeting him.So it did do him a lot of good by releasing it as payware.

Shareware (also called demoware or trialware) refers to software thats distributed without payment on a trial basis and is limited by any combination of functionality, availability, or convenience.Crippleware is a type of trialware which requires payment for access to advanced features of the program. Nagware (also known as begware or annoyware) is type of shareware that reminds(or nags) the user to register by paying a fee.

Careware (also called charityware,helpware, or goodware) is software distributed in a way that benefits a charity.The term "careware" is a variant on shareware and freeware. Similar to careware is Donationware is a licensing model that supplies fully operational software to the user and requests a donation be paid to the programmer or a third-party beneficiary(usually a non-profit).

Freeware is software given away for free(without any cost) use without any limitations.A donation might be requested by few authors.

Adware is advertising supported software that automatically shows advertisements to the users.Most adware are considered a security threat and are not popular.Firefox distributed with Google search bar can be considered a type of adware as google ends up earning from the ads displayed to users using the google search bar.Ransomware, spyware are other softwares that dont have any explicit distribution terms, but make use of illegal methods to delete/obtain sensitive data.

The author of the holy rosary program went a step further and declared his software as Prayware.The software is free for use,the users can however pray for the author as payment. Do let me know if you know of any other more novel software distribution terms.

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