Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Crayon Physics - Lots Of Space

Lots of space seemed a bit difficult to solve to begin with as it required the drawing of boxes of exact sizes so tat the weight got balanced. If you draw a box tats too small or too big, they will both go tumbling down. The challenge is to fill the space and make the ball roll.
crayon physics lots of spaceDraw the leftmost vertical box first and make it stand properly. Next draw the slant pole so tat it gets balanced by the vertical box. Once the the two boxes get balanced, draw a third box to get the ball rolling.

A much easier way is to draw multiple boxes to make the levels nearly equal, and drawing a pole connecting the two. Then once the ball comes near the piled up boxes, delete them quickly so tat the ball falls on top of the star.

The way2 to solve lots of space teaches cantilever concept.
crayon physics lot of space cantileverSo lot of physics learning going on with the crayon.

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