Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hyperboloids of wondrous Light

" Hyperboloids of wondrous Light

Rolling for aye through Space and Time

Harbour those Waves which somehow Might

Play out God's holy pantomime”

This is what it says on the gravestone of Alan Turing, the code breaker who was involved in breaking the Enigma's cryptic codes. I like to think of these hyperboloids as the very essence of the universe. An explanation for the existence of our universe and development of intelligent life.

Many would agree that the "genome" is indeed God's holy pantomime. It will not be surprising that it plays out not just in the living world but also in most things in the universe. A mathematical explanation for the way things happen. How probable is the development of intelligent life? Is the universe bound by rules that direct the formation of intelligent life? These are some questions that could shed light on the oldest questions that man has sought answers to.

Turing does feature on the list of atheists, although its not clear when and what changed his thoughts. However, its probably worth noting that the "God" here would most likely not refer to a god associated with any religious denomination. A spiritual god cannot be ruled out, but most likely refers to a mathematical god, one of  physical principles.

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