Wednesday, March 28, 2012

MD5 file list checker

This program reads a file with filenames with correct path and MD5 values separated by a tab character and checks if the MD5 is correct or not.

use strict;
use Digest::MD5 qw(md5_base64);

open MD5, $ARGV[0] or die $!;
my $line="";
while($line = ){
chomp $line;
my @files=split(/[ \t]+/,$line);
open(FILE, $files[1]) or die "Can't find file $files[1]\n";
my $digobj = Digest::MD5->new;
$digest = $digobj->hexdigest;
if($digest!~m/$files[0]/){print "Md5 does not match for file:" . $files[1];}
print "Md5 match for file:$files[1]\n";
print $digest ."\n" . $files[0] . "\n";

It would make sense to have MD5 checks integrated into the OS and have a MD5 list in each folder. May be it will get added into the code of various programs like ftp, sftp or even ordinary copy and mv.

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