Saturday, February 16, 2013

The process - inspired by Eugene Myers

Heard the Linné lecture by Eugene Myers about "Molecular Cell Biology via Bio-Image Informatics" and was so inspired by it, that had to blog about it. Apart being on the author list of the "blast" paper which has over 40,000 citations, he was part of the Human, mouse and fly genomes. 

Well, it seems the amounts of data generated by these projects is not enough for him! So he has decided to work with bio-image informatics, which involves interpretation of images generated by staining different features of species. Location of proteins within cells, location of cells within organs and movement of mouse whiskers in response to stimuli are some of the things he talked about. 

"Technology--->Experiment----> Analysis--->Model" is the process that he talked about. His main interest being in the experiment. Be it an experiment that uses Sanger sequencing technology to generate a human genome which is used build models of human genetics or an experiment that uses powerful microscopy technologies to analyse the relative location of cells in a organism to build a model of development and function. The clarity of his thought and expression was amazing, it is probably how a genius works.

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