Friday, June 27, 2014

The Elephant Catchers

It has been 6 years since i read and blogged about Subroto Bagchi's book Go kiss the world. As with the previous book, finished reading the book "The Elephant Catchers" in one sitting. The writing style is very captivating and keeps you reading. 

The Elephant Catchers is all about growing a company that is hunting rabbits (small game) into one that now catches elephants. While many people start a startup, very few can make it into a self-sustaining and growing company. The book deals with the mistakes that happen and how to go about "fixing" those mistakes. 

Many anecdotes from different points along the way makes for an interesting read. The use of personification at different points to explain very different stories is very appealing. For example, at one point the company wins a big client who could be persuaded to hire a dog that is loyal instead of cat that is pleasing. 

Dividing the book into 6 parts with sub-chapters keeps it well organized. All of them have one thing in common, it is about scaling things. Be it scaling ideas or infrastructure the wisdom of having been there and having done that shines through brilliantly.

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