Sunday, June 19, 2016

The Pursuit of Happiness or Happyness

Most people want to be happy. Except for the rare idiosyncratic individual the world really is a place filled with people who are in the pursuit of happiness. Happiness is a weird and sometimes illusive thing. The movie about The Pursuit of Happiness does a good job of capturing the illusive nature of Happyness.

Would eating the Gumbo make you happy? It has a history as much as Thomas Jefferson does, or may be even more.
How about modelling the evolution of directed graphs along a phylogeny? Would it make any difference what those directed graphs represent? They could be anything really, a map of the brain (connectome), parasite transmission networks, protein protein interaction networks or simply a simulation.  
In the end we are still only chasing after it.

Who has found it?

The unlikeliest of people have found it.  No it has nothing to do with Pittsburg skyline and everything to do with the mind.

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