Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Getting creative with molecular biology

Creating something new using concepts you have learned leads to a better understanding of the subject.  Instead of simply remembering the ideas of somebody else, one can actually remember how one used those ideas to create something new. Yet, it is not easy to convince educators about the utility of using visual arts to teach science. A recent review titled "The Role of the Visual Arts in Enhancing the Learning Process" tries to make a case for visual arts in enhancing the learning process.

The class on "Flow of genetic information" that i am currently teaching got a chance to get creative this week. They were given 3 activities to do in the class.

Task 1: Compare DNA replication, Transcription & Translation and create an easy to understand diagram/table.

Task 2: Compare different information flow processes considering as many examples as you can think of

Task 3: Show the hierarchical organization of DNA

  • Use color chalk if needed.
  • Pay special attention to differences between prokaryotes & eukaryotes
Here are the end results:
Task 1

Task 2

Task 3

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