Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Rediffmail greasemonkey version 0.1

To use this greasymonkey script, u need to have installed the greasemonkey on your firefox browser. The script is for the new rediffmail which has the largest inbox in the world. It is the preliminary version and has just two features-
  1. Removes the banner ads from the free versions inbox.
  2. Provides google talk on rediffmail homepage and inbox.
The following screen shot shows the inbox without the right side banner ads. The Google talk is on the left side bar. To be able to use google talk you need to be logged into gmail. rediffmail greasemonkey
The main page of the rediffmail has been modified to remove the sponsored links and the advertisement at the left top corner has been replaced by gtalk.
rediff gtalk greasemonkey

To install the grease monkey just click on Nagarjunvs rediffmail version 0.1 in firefox and a dialog box will appaer which can be followed to install the greasy monkey.


Suman said...

Dear Sir/Madam
I am receiving continually mail from Rediffmail that I have won lottery, due to this I have given party to my friends and my parents are very happy, but after searching on internet I found the same mail mentioned in the Consumer Court website : please confirm that is this a true mail.

Waiting for urgent response.

Nagarjun said...

Hi Suman.

I am in no way related to or its subsidiaries.