Sunday, June 24, 2007

Skipping through alert boxes-the hard way

have you faced the problem of having to skip through a zillion alert boxes or information boxes? These are message boxes that provide information. They are closed when you press the "Ok" button. The option to close all or ok all is not available. The option such as yes to all or no to all is available only for copy-paste operations.

The fact that you have to go through a large number of alert boxes is a clear indication of the poor quality of code or the complexity of the application. Anyway, the next time you have to skip through these zillion alert boxes just follow the method shown in the video shown below.

This is the hard way of doing this. A better method would be to close the application from the task manager and modifying the code.

Beware:if the return key is kept pressed even after the alert boxes are skipped it can cause unwanted operations to occur in some cases.

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