Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The cardamom habit - Carry it wherever you go

Cardamom which is known as the Queen of Spices smells good and is not yet known to cause any harm to the body. No wonder the Spices Board Of India is promoting it with gusto.

A soldier came running to the king, and told him about how the Europeans were loading Spice rhizomes onto their ships. The soldier was scared that the Europeans will never come back for spices if they could grow it in their own country. The King laughed at the foolishness of the soldier and said "They can steal the seeds but they cant steal our monsoon".

Although its easy to grow cardamom, it rarely blossoms outside the tropics. So the king was correct in his optimism, but the monsoons brought not only rain but also Europeans to India. So the next time you plan to leave the tropics, don't forget to carry it with you. Habits die hard

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