Saturday, June 13, 2009

Study in Sweden - Part - I - Applying for universities

In this series of posts i hope to cover the various steps of Going to study in Sweden.

How to apply to Universities in Sweden?

To apply to any university in Sweden a single application can be submitted through the Studera site . Click on the British flag for English version of the site. The site opens up admissions for different semesters( Autumn or Winter) at different times. Keep watching the site for updates.

Although studying in Sweden is free for all till now. Its expected that a fee will be charged for non-Swedish Nationals in the coming years. See a list of all Swedish universities here. If you want details regarding individual courses offered by each of the institutes, better check the institutes websites. As of 2009, only four courses can be applied per semester.So choose the courses that you want to apply wisely.Also make sure you rank them according to your priority. If you want to go to a university ranked fourth, but have got admission to the first choice, few universities allow you to get admission directly.

The documents that will be required are listed in the website. The transcript can be obtained directly from your university by sending a Demand draft and other details. Generally this takes up to 15 or even 20 days by post. So better apply for the transcript early.

The letters of recommendation need to be obtained from your professor's and faculty, need to be sent along with the application.

A motivation letter apart from the CV needs to be sent along with various certificates and proofs. Generally the degree certificates and other marks cards are expected. Its mandatory that all the certificates and marks cards are approved by a Notary.

The application can be sent by Speed post or courier. The Indian speed post is rather reliable and sometimes better than private courier services. On an average it takes at least a week for the letter to be sent to Sweden from most parts of India and costs around INR 800.

If you have any doubts regarding any step, just comment below.

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