Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Auto translate any page without identifying the language

Identifying the language is necessary to translate a web page using Babel Fish or Google Translate.

But the main problem i had was that i could not identify which language the page was in, for example if the page was in Spanish, i would not be able to identify it as spanish.

So what option should i choose in the "Select from and to languages"?

This problem is solved when using Google or yahoo, as it shows the appropriate Translate this page link beside the web link. What to do if you encounter a web page when you are not using any search engine..So the Auto Translate Greasemonkey can be used to lead you to the google page with the Translate this page link.

The Auto Translate Greasemonkey can be improved to directly redirect you to the translated page. But i thought the overhead was too much.


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