Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Kembuta on the tree

The kembuta or kembhuta or kemboota or kembota is the Kannada name for the bird. It feeds on other birds, bird eggs, insects, wild berries, reptiles, rats just to mention a few.

It is a rather common bird and can be found on coconut trees more frequently than other trees. I am trying to find its actual name and would appreciate any help.

It has red feathers on a black body. It has been immortalized by its mention in Kannada literature. The actual quote that mentions it goes like this "The Kembuta tried to spread its wings after seeing the peacock spread its wings".


Vinayak.G said...

Kemboota's actual name is Greater Coucal. It is one of the 30 species of birds belonging to cuckoo family.

Jagannatha Writer in Sanskrit Mysore said...

Three days ago, I accidentally saw this bird in Manasa Gangotri, Mysore. I did not know the name of this bird. My friend told that the bird was Kemboota. He told that he has seen this bird so many times in Mansagangotri area. He informed me that in Shirasi(He was from Shirasi), unfortunately, this bird has become rare. Comparatively this Kemboota is seen more in Mysore, particularly in Manasagangotri, than Shirasi. Being curious, I opened internet and typed the word Kemboota in browsing address tab to see if any entry is available with that name. To my surprise, you have already taken the photograph and put it this in Internet. Thank you very much. Even I am curious to know about the exact meaning of the proverb `` Navilannu nodi Kemboota pukka teredukonditu(On seeing peacock, Kemboota spread his wings.)’’. Kemboota is not ugly. After all, it is cuckoo with larger size.-Jagannatha,Mysore

Nagarjun said...

Thanks for visiting. Took this picture in Mysore.