Saturday, August 4, 2007

The futuristic helmet development

The results for the poll how strong is your head are out. A amazing 66% felt that we should wear helmets. And the remaining 33% wanted improvements to be made. The main changes that can be done are-
  • Provide a built-in ear phone. (a provision should be made for the wearer to fix the i-pod or walkman to the helmet, rather than wearing earphones below the helmet)
  • The curved visor of the helmet leads to a blur image during the nights, due to the head lights. The possibility of using a visor that is more angular (similar to a windshield) should be checked.
  • The use of powered visor movement can add more value to the helmet.
  • Provision for movement of air. It can be very stiffling to wear ahelmet on a sunny day.

All that said and done, the aim of the future helmet developer should be to make the helmet more appealing. Wearing the helmet can become a trend if it has other attractions apart from providing safety. People may argue about the distraction caused by hearing to music while driving, but the main aim of this post is to have helmets that are better than present day helmets.

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