Monday, June 15, 2009

Study in Sweden - Part - II - Applying for Residence Permit

Check the Part I of the Study in Sweden series for applying to Swedish Universities.

The first thing to do after getting selected for a university is to apply for a residence permit. You can apply for the residence permit in any of the Swedish consulates or embassies. More details regarding the Residence permit can be found on the website of the Swedish Migration board.

If you are applying for the residence permit at CONSULATE OF SWEDEN at CHENNAI, few details regarding the documents required is given below:
Note:These details may change and its best to contact the consulate for latest details.
  1. Two sets of application forms duly completed and signed (Form No. 105031). The forms can be downloaded from the site .
  2. Valid passport along with two photocopies (of pages 1,2 and last)
  3. Educational certificates (last exam/degree) – original for perusal and return. Two sets of photo copies
  4. Admission letter from university/college plus two copies. Study should be fulltime.(PDF file can be downloaded from studera site)
  5. Accommodation must be arranged for in Sweden.
  6. Separate Demand drafts for Rs.6000 (application fee, subject to change without prior notice) and Rs.300 (courier fee) being the application fee and courier fee drawn in favour of Consulate of Sweden payable at Chennai.
  7. One must be able to show a minimum of SEK 7 300 per month for 10 months in a year. Applicant is requested to show proof of financial support for the entire planned study period and show the funds in your savings account. Bank certificate and transaction statement original plus two copies. If your stay is one year or less than one year. Please enclose the insurance papers
  8. Three passport size photographs (latest specification given below).
Instructions concerning photographs which are to be used for visa and permit stickers

  • The photograph should be maximum 6 months old.
  • The width of the photograph should be 35-40 millimeters
  • The area of the face should be 70-80 of the photograph.
  • The whole face including part of the shoulders should be visible.
  • The photograph should have a good colour balance, contrast and sharpness.
  • The face should be seen directly from the front against a light background. There must not be other people or objects in back-ground.
  • Both eyes with pupils should be completely visible.
  • Dark tinted glasses must not be worn, unless required for medical reasons.
  • The face should be evenly illuminated and there must be no shadows visible in the background.
  • There must not be any reflections visible in Glasses.
  • Head coverings are not permitted except for religious reasons. The whole face must be visible.
  • The photograph should show the person alone with a neutral facial expression and the mouth closed.
Other points of note:

  1. Submission of application between 10.00 am. To 12.30 pm. from Monday to Friday at the Consulate.
  2. The application is forwarded to the Migration Board in Sweden for decision.
  3. The application must be submitted at least eight weeks prior to departure for Sweden
  4. Please note, photocopies of all documents submitted with the application must be on A4 size paper
  5. As soon as you have received your admission letter and are ready with other documents, please email(svensk[at] the consulate for an interview date.
  6. All enquiries on your application will be answered only between 2-3 pm. Mon-Fri. on Tel: +91-044-28112232
The Swedish consulate is located on Cathedral road and can be easily located on google map. If you have any other questions, just comment below.

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vinay said...

I have got the admission in the university and thinking abt applyin 4 visa on 12th oct. But i m confused abt d financial certificate wich I need to submit. First of all, I hv my personal account in wich I can deposit around 9 lac rupees(1,40k sek)in couple of days and I can show d certificate.As I am a student in my country, I dont have any source of income and hence this money to be deposited will be given to me to by my father. Also, the account is not dormant since long. I regularly undertake transactions but it is not of huge amounts. Furthermore, as my course is along with prerequisite semester, I need to apply only for 6 months visa right now and after six months i will apply for extension. can u please guide me through how should i approach the financial thing so as to be succesful in acquiring visa.