Monday, April 26, 2010

Acessing windows drives from linux terminal

Many of us use linux and windows on the same machine. The new bread of linux installs does a wonderful job of mounting the windows partitions for us. We can open the files and work on them from the comfort of the GUI.

Some files and programs require to be run from the command line or terminal, especially in the case of linux. How do we access the windows drives on the command line? Since linux does not have the C,D and E drives impemented at the command line.

The drives can be easily accessed from the /media/ folder. Just type cd /media in the terminal and you will land in the media folder. This folder will contain the list of all drives mounted in the recent past. Many of these folders will not be accessible outside the 'root' group of users. To know which folders are your windows drives, just run a ls -lrt in the terminal. The windows drive folders will have read, write and execute permission for you. Just cd into that folder and acess all the files in window drives from the linux terminal.

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