Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Monday Morning - Swami and Friends

Our hate for Monday mornings may have something to do with the same things as Swaminathan's feelings of unpleasantness about this day. The joy of having enjoyed the freedom of Saturday and Sunday is overshadowed by the dreary nature of Monday mornings. Apart from the obviously long list of things to complete from the past two days, there is always this feeling of foreboding about Monday which is difficult to overcome.

Anything could happened on a Monday, may be Mr Ebenezar would take upon himself the duty of teaching us idiots the futility of idol worship. Worse still we might feel the insane urge to contradict and question him. Even if we do manage to get through all this ruckus, will we have the sense of not telling anybody at home during the meal about it and getting a stern letter written to the principal the next day?

Everything is not bad as we have few things to look forward to even on Mondays, there is the 12.30 mail to watch from the window. If we manage to solve the 5 arithmetic “puzzles” correctly life would not be that bad.

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