Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Would a rose by any other name smell as sweet?

Whenever there is huge rush to rename anything from a street to a nation, people often wonder whats the point in it all. Wouldn't a rose by any other name smell as sweet? Well name is important, or else we would not have a rename file option in windows.

Lets see if it would smell as sweet in the below cases in which renaming was done:

  1. Hot Springs is Mexico changed its name to Truth or Consequences to get a popular radio program hosted from its city.
  2. Clark in Texas (America) renamed itself DISH and got itself free satellite television for 10 years in the bargain.
  3. Más a Tierra in chile renamed itself as Robinson Crusoe Island
The new names rock at least in these 3 cases. May be we should have thought a little more and come up with really catchy names for our Indian cities before renaming them. We dint even get any commercial benefits from renaming them either, just the headache of having to change the names in all the places. Here are few "cool" names that we could have used instead

Kolkata - A Coal Cat
Mumbai - Bye Mom
Pune - Puma
Bengaluru - U R Ben's Gal

Do let me know if you come up with something cool to rename to.

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