Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Basepad-a sequence manipulator

Basepad is a windows based base sequence editor. Search, complement, XNA to amino acid,amino acid to XNA,3 to1 & 1to 3 letter code, invert, find ORF,statistics of bps,2bp palindromes.

It is a Bioinformatics tool that i hosted at Bioinformatics.org. The idea was to build upon it to make it better. However, after uploading version 0.0.1, i made few more additions like a tool bar and a few functions. The project stopped at that, hopefully i will put up a online version of the same some day. Hopefully this blog post will serve as a reminder!!!

There are many reasons as to why it is not being worked upon---PERL provides a far better alternative, VB was not meant to handle string manipulation(at least not of this magnitude),lets just say etc..

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Muddassir said...

phew..u are very active blogger must say.
I have justa dded one poem o my blog.. where ae thou.. if possible go thru it. Is this basepad free of cost??