Saturday, May 26, 2007

Fastest mouse in the world

Are you the fastest mouse in the world? (Translation of are u the fastest gun in the west?) No need to speculate anymore. You can try your hand at the mouse race.

It is very simple to play. Just move your mouse as fast as you can. The speedometer will measure your Present Speed and show it as it changes. The Max Speed will show the fastest that you have moved your mouse. The present record is "1113.909332037397". I am sure some body will beat that..

The logic behind the game is simple..A speed measuring function is called whenever you move the mouse..It measures the present location and compares with the previous location.This is used to calculate the distance moved by you (Remember Phythogorus theorem). Assuming the time taken by the function call remains the same, the distance moved by your mouse in that time is given out as the speed.

The speed remains the same irrespective of the speedof the computer that you use. The logic for this is as follows---The faster the computer the faster the measure speed function is called..So the benefit obtained by better response time gets canceled.

However, the mouse response speed can be varied by changing the options in the OS..thats considered cheating. But i did not get much difference by changing the speed of response.

Ps-those who are using touchpad-no cheating!!

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