Thursday, May 3, 2007

Search engine related stuff

Some time ago i was all into search engine related stuff. The beginning was by coop search,which is a blog about the CSE search engine. It searches for the most relevant customised search engine made by people.

Apart from these application utilizations, google result filter is something to use. It takes a set of words (in the One query per line box)and checks if each of those words has a google result. Those which dont have results are shown in the box "Words without results" and those with results are shown in "Words with results". It has a limit of 100 words at a time, so that it does not burden the google server.Yes even 100 words are filtered--i have tried. But sometimes it goes berserk.

The search engine nightmare is a spoof of search engines. It has to be remembered that when i did this spoof, the search engines where giving results similar to the search engine nightmare. it was being caused due to the sudden emergence of various tagging services like delicious and simpy.

I hope to update these stuffs on my search engine page.

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