Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Posts of note-a newspaper?

A newspaper with contributions from around the world--thats what it hopes to be.You too can contribute to Posts of note. Just add a link to your blog post or web page. No need to have an account or login every time.

I tried using Digg for some time. But realized that it needs more number of fellow diggers to make it to the first page. I have seen some not so good stories make it to the first page while some really good ones don't even get digg's in two digit numbers. People don't seem to read those bits which are not submitted by fellow diggers. May be this is a trend i noticed and it could be an exception, but anyway Posts of note does not have this problem. But hopefully it will not be spammed.

The idea is to get to tell fellow netizens of new stuff or posts that we feel are is built along the same lines as Ur line here. That was an attempt at writing an article for the college magazine, with contributions from different students.

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