Friday, May 9, 2008

Create a database using SQL server 2005

The SQL Server Management Studio Express can be downloaded for free and installed after installing MSXML 6.0. This can be used to connect to the sql server installation. The login screen such as is one comes when you open the Management Studio express.

The authentication mode, server name, username and password have to be filled up to login to the server.The options about the connectivity can be filled into suit your needs. These are network protocol, packet size, connection time-out,Execution time out and also encryption. After connecting to the server, select the "Databases" in the object Explorer and right click to get a list of options. The first otpion is for creating a New database. Select the option to create a new database as given below.

The SQL New database options screen is opened up. The name, location and size of the data and transaction log files can be chosen in the General screen.

The Growth option and owner can also be set in the general option. If you want to add/remove files to the database, they can be added /removed using the add/remove button at the right bottom corner.
Various other options such as the recovery model, file groups and other options can be set while creating the database, but can also be changed later.Each of these options are important and need to be dealt with separately. To start with using the defaults does not cause any problems.

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