Friday, May 2, 2008

SQL Server 2005 Express Edition Install - Part 2

The system configuration check is initiated after the previous steps are completed. The number of errors and warnings are listed after the config check is done. Its ok if you have warnings, you will not be stopped from going ahead with the install. However, if errors are encountered the install cant be completed. The errors have to be remedied before the instalaltion can go ahead. The messages provided beside the status can be very useful in resolving the errors.

The install gets intresting from the next screen :). You have to provide some registration information Name and Company. Well thats not the intresting part, below the comapany name there is a check box thats ticked by default saying "Hide Advanced Configuration options". Make sure you uncheck this check box if you plan on configuring the service account type or collation settings. The next screen allows us to select which components to install. The amount of space each component takes up can be checked before installing the component.

The "database serices" installs the SQL server Database engine, tools for managing relational and XML data and replication.
The client components installs command line tools, connectivity components, programming models, management tools and development tools.Choose the components that are best suited for your needs.

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