Friday, May 2, 2008

SQL Server 2005 Express Edition Install - Part -3

More than one instance of the SQL server can be installed on the same machine. After finishing the previous steps, the option to specify if you want a default install or a named instance can be specified. Note that two default installations or two instances with same name cant be installed. For a list of installed instances, click the "Installed Instances" button. After the Exsisting components screen, the Service account can be configured. There are four types of Service accounts. Check the microsoft documentation for a detailed explanation.
  1. The "Domain User account" is used when the "service must interact with network services"

  2. "Local Service account" has "same level of access to resources and objects as members of the Users group"

  3. "Network Service account" is same as local service account, but the network services can be accesed using the credentials of users group.

  4. "Local System account" is a highly privileged account and must be used with caution!!
    The services that are to be started at end of installation can be choosen in this screen itself.

The next screen allows the "Authentication Mode" to be choosen.If the server is to be on a network with all systems having a Windows domain account, the Windows authentication mode can be choosen, else the Mixed mode has to be selected and a password has to be specified for "sa" logon.

The colation settings define the sorting behaviour for the server and are rather important.
Generally the colaltion settings are of utmost importance when upgrading from a previous version of SQL server.

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