Monday, May 5, 2008

Uninstall SQL server by instance

If you have installed SQL server, you will want to remove it from the system. Its as easy as removing a program using "Add or Remove programs" from Control Panel. Just remove the Microsoft SQL server 2005.

If one or more instances of the server are installed on the same machine, the instances can be removed individually or as a whole. The option to choose the instances to be removed is provided.

The various components that need to be removed can also be selected for selective removal. The screen to choose is as below.
After the various components that are to be removed and the instances that are to be removed are ticked, the confirmation screen showing components and instances that will be removed are shown. After confirmation the uninstall is done. If two or more instances are running, one instance can be removed without affecting the execution of another instance. However, its better to have a fall back plan in case the other instnace is affected due to system hanging.


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