Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Feel luckier with google

This is an update to the previous post-Get lucky with google with input from Gautham pai. The new feel luckier script provides redirects to the suggested result.

For example if you were to search for nagarjunv you would get the suggestion of seeing results for nagarjuna.The script directly takes you to the suggested result page as in Yahoo. And a link to the original result is shown at the top as .

If you feel the word is correct on its own merit, that word can be added to the dictionary(on ur system only). Later it can be removed from the dictionary as well. The remove from dictionary link appears when the query is tried the next time, the redirect does not happen as the word is in the dictionary although Google suggests another result.

However, these scripts will be just as useful as bookmarks in their present form. They would be useful only if the redirects and made lucky queries are stored online. So the queries made lucky by other users of the script will also be lucky for us even if we are typing in the query for the first time. Google will have to do more than this simple script as it would have to take into consideration the language and other criteria as well.

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Threepointsomething said...

This is cool! This is what I wanted to see.

One final addition to your script will help. You should also provide a way to 'remove' entries marked as 'Make lucky'. I accidentally clicked on 'Make lucky' and now I am not able to see the Google search result for that phrase.

Good job.