Thursday, July 26, 2007

The red whiskered bulbul eggs hatch

young red whiskered bulbul
The red whiskered bulbul that had laid eggs in the garden has now given birth to 3 young bulbuls. The three beaks can be seen as orange colored streaks.

The parent bird keeps guard on the nest as the eggs are about to hatch. Even after the eggs hatch, the nest is protected.

red whiskered bulbul on nest
The next picture shows the red whiskered bulbul bringing food for the young birds. The food is generally small insects like grass hoppers and other worms that are found in the surrounding garden.

Generally one of the bird keeps watch on the nest, but sometimes both birds fly off in search of food.

bulbul food

The birds have become rather accustomed to humans and are easy to photograph. The birds have grown in size within a few days. I have to wait and see when they will learn to fly and fly away.


Anonymous said...

Eggs hatch and out come little birdies,beautiful moment captured here

Steffi said...

Thank you for these pictures it will be useful for my study!!
-Steffi Selvaraj

Steffi said...

Thank you so much for these pictures they are a lot of help for my research!!

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