Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The power of Camouflage

The use of protective coloration to ward of enemies is known as camouflaging. This is used by the modern day armies.

The technique is inspired by nature. In this picture if you look more closely, at the middle, a green circle can be seen. This is the place where a bird is sitting. You can make out the bird clearly by magnifying the image. The color is the same as the surrounding terrain of stones and earth.

I would not have spotted the bird if it were not flying or rather hopping.


Anonymous said...

Marvelous -both the picture idea and nature's camouflage.You could send it to a contest asking ppl to identify where the bird is

Ayurveda for healthy eyes said...

May be you should take more such pictures.It adds magic to your blog.Thanks for such a master piece.