Monday, July 16, 2007

Get lucky with google

Gauthampai said "Sometimes, 'we want to feel lucky' in the search result page as well. ;)" and here we are.

The greasymonkey feellucky makes it possible for us to bookmark search results as lucky. If you have made a particular query lucky by clicking on the make lucky link, the next time you put the same query you get lucky.

To install this greasemokey the firefox browser with greasemonkey is needed. To install just click on Install feellucky. The feel lucky script makes use of GM_setvalue and GM_getvalue to store the queries that need to be lucky. So the lucky feeling is limited to the system on which the gresymonkey is installed.

To make it useful for a wider audience, the lucky queries need to be stored on a server.

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Gautham Pai said...

The script is interesting. However a couple of comments:
1. You perhaps overlooked what I had written in my blog about the problem of mistyped phrases. Here is the basic problem:

Suppose you mistype some phrase, Google just informs you that you might have mistyped it. However the search results are still for the mistyped phrase.

You can still incorporate it in your script by making a redirect to the right search result whenever there is a mistyped phrase.

2. There is a slightly easier way of doing this. If you want a keyword to take you to a particular page, just bookmark the page and add the keyword in the 'keyword' field of the bookmark (in Firefox).