Friday, July 20, 2007

Rolls Royce at SJCE

As part of its advertising strategy the mobile store was visiting SJCE Mysore. However, we did not get a ride as was suggested when the 'Rock with the Rolls' campaign was launched.
Rolls Royce SJCE MysoreIts not that a Rolls Royce rolls into SJCE. So the marketing ruse of the mobile store seems to have worked at least enough to be mentioned on this blog.The Rolls Royce was once the symbol of wealth, but it also makes good advertising sense.
inside Rolls Royce SJCE MysoreThe Dash board
Rolls Royce emblemThe rolls royce emblem
Rolls Royce rear endThe rear of the rolls royce with the mobile store advertisement.
Rolls Royce wheelWith attention to detail-the wheel


Anonymous said...

Hey ! Namaskara

Even I had seen this couple of weeks back in Mysore when I had gone to Hotel Sidhartha for breakfast. Even I have taken few snaps of this and it is gorgeous.

I saw the crowd gathered there talking on the price of the car one tagging at 4.5 crores finally. Funny part was there was one auto driver who after knowing the price asked the mileage and some one said around 4-5 km per litre. He was really annoyed over to such an extent that he was rethinking on buying this car just because of mileage than the price of the car !!!

Anonymous said...

Good day-what a way to advertise !! Sending in a rolls royace.This is real marketing skill I would call.And i appreciate your pictures too.

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